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  • Thorough Rental Rate Market Assessment

  • Marketing of rental property on numerious websites and some print media if necessary 

  • Quality Pre-Screening of applications including: 

    • auditing of bank accounts 

    • ITC credit check (TPN)

    • Experian credit check (TPN)

    • Payment record checks (TPN)

    • Employment confirmation 

    • Facebook profile checks (sometimes)

    • Verification that pay slips correspond with bank statements

  • Detailed in-going and out-going inspections​ through Red Rabbit system

  • Up to date (CPA) lease agreement management

  • Maintenance management during lease through Get Tod 

  • Automated invoices to tenants with sms reminders before rent is due (PayProp)

  • Automated statements to owners (PayProp)

  • External Interest bearing Deposit management (PayProp)

  • Renewal and rent increase management and negotiation

  • Vacancy management (aiming for  zero downtime between tenants and no rent lost)

  • Dispute management 

  • Rental Tribunal representation if required

  • Payments of rates and levies from rent (optional)

  • No hidden costs for owners, we only charge a % of rent as a management fee

No tenant placement fees ever!

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